Lori's Designer Shoes

Glamour, Lucky, and even National Geographic Traveler have been charmed by Lori’s Designer Shoes for women, and it’s likely you will too. The fun, flirt-alicious creations run the gamut from designer sandals to cutting-edge boots with a specialty in high-end footwear. Given the inventory, Lori’s calls itself the sole of Chicago. No argument here. And, even though the name is synonymous with shoes, Lori’s is a great place to pick a piece or two of jaw-dropping jewelry as well as a fanciful shoulder bag or cleverly crafted clutch. Another added benefit: Sign up for Lori’s mailing list and pre-order select items before they hit the store and fly off the shelf.

824 W. Armitage Ave.
773-281-5655, 888-334-SHOE (toll-free)